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Who remembers?

It seems like only yesterday that I was receiving a lecture from my parents about signing up for the record it seemed like such a good deal at the time and how exciting it was when that package arrived at the house full of your favorite new albums or soon to be favorite new 8-tracks and later on cassettes.

But then the excitement would slowly dissipate in little steps...first when you opened the box and found out 2 or 3 of your choices weren't included as they were out of stock or no longer available...sucker punch number one.

Next you would need to fulfill your contractural obligation and buy more albums at a much more inflated price and the bummer was you would have to wait to get the album long after you really wanted it and did I mention at an inflated price? Sucker punch number two.

But the biggest lesson learned was when you forgot to fill out the monthly (even though I swear they came about every 2.5 weeks) selection mailer and tell them to not send this month's selection and lo and behold an album would come that you wouldn't have bought at a yard sale for a quarter and know you were stuck paying that inflated price...sucker punch and no doubt the knockout punch...all the while giving my Dad the satisfaction having the I told you so look on his face (of course he had prior knowledge as he and Mom also fell prey to the amazing "would you believe" offers).

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