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Over and Over again

Here at RODTEES we like to create a fun and creative environment which means usually in addition to having cool surroundings here in the shop with kustom kulture art, posters, mancave banners, road signs, etc. we also have music playing and more often than not the TV is on.

At least once or twice a month we call on our favorite movie to fill the shop's flat screen with the greatest of all car movies: American Graffiti

What is it about American Graffiti that never grows old...for me it is the seamless story telling by George amazing story that brings to light each characters hopes, dreams and values in what is really just one long night of fun, romance, conflict, hellos, goodbyes, rock and roll, friendship and hot rods.

Not to mention a badass deuce coupe that has influenced the hotrodding scene for nearly half a century.

Can somebody push the play button while I start printing these t-shirts?

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