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Monsters, Finks and other inspirations!

I grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana except for a brief period most summers after I was done playing baseball when I got to go visit my Grandparents in San Diego, Ca.

It was there that some of my interests were shaped by my Grandparents and this new thing called cable tv...and the SoCal car culture.

My Grandpa Gene loved cars (even though he was very tall he loved and had Sunbeam Tigers and Bugeye Sprites) and used to take me to the local car shows (and to grab a taco or two) and even though we had a cool car scene in Fort Wayne (I used to hang out at B & B Speed Shop as a kid and drive those guys nuts with questions) it was nothing like SoCal!

I used to grab my trusty bic pen and doodle up my latest dream car while I watched cable tv (something we didn't have in Fort Wayne for a long time) and get my fill of Leave it to Beaver reruns and one of my favorite episodes was where Beaver and the guys bought some monster sweatshirts and of course Beaver was the only one who wore his to school...from there I discovered Roth, Mouse, Crumb, Mad Magazine, Bell, and many others.

In my early 20s I decided to move to San Diego and there I met the love of my life, Kimberley, we opened businesses together, got married, had 3 beautiful children (all teenagers now) and then through a series of forks in the road, opportunities, friends and serendipitous accidents we wound up with this thing called RODTEES and it's altar ego YourLogoWear.

Each day is a new adventure full of fun projects, great people (some stress) and of course Monsters, Finks and others inspirations!

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