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T-Shirts & other Crap!

Many people have asked me about the tagline we have used for the last 15 years which is: T-SHIRTS & OTHER CRAP!

They ask why I use a tagline which, in their opinion, devalues what we do...I beg to differ and I will tell you why...Hot Rodding, Kustom Kulture, Friends, Music, etc are about having a good time and we like to have a good time here at RODTEES and we don't take ourselves too seriously.

Don't get me wrong we want to do the best job we possibly can for you and we take great pride in what we do but why not make it fun? It makes the days go by quickly and allows us to interact with some of the coolest and most talented artists, builders, bands and brands around.

Thanks for reading and keep in mind that in the future these blog posts will mostly...actually about T-SHIRTS & OTHER CRAP.

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