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Drive In Movies

Campus Drive In Theatre...San Diego, CA

It seems like yesterday that my parents would check the movies listings for the Drive-In and we would grab a pizza or a bucket of chicken and head to the movies.

We would run into friends there and play on the playground until the first movie would start and then figure out where our car was and settle in for the show.

Intermission would come and even though we had a big bucket of KFC only half devoured we would beg for something from the snack bar...Dad always gave in and we would walk to the snack bar going up and over each row of small little humps under the glow of the movie projector sending James Bond to the Giant screen in slightly out of focus techni-color.

The audio left something to be desired and it seem like a good portion of the time we would have to move the car to get a better speaker...God forbid you turn your lights on to move the car as you would be met with a torrent of honking horns.

I never seem to make it through the last movie and would wake up as we pulled into the drive way with pieces of popcorn, chicken bones, etc. strewn all around me and the last thing I would hear my Dad say as he tucked me into bed was: "Guess what tomorrow you get to help me clean out the car and wash off the Drive-In Dust".

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